Where did the time go? It seems like yesterday that I sent out a last minute email to alert friends and family that I was leaving for the first of two summer trips to Africa in the morning. 4 countries, and about a month spent in East and Southern Africa later life will never be the same.  

I wanted to share a quick snapshot of the trips and could think of no better way than visually. So I waited a couple of weeks to do so. What you see below is only a snippet of all that took place. As always I look forward to sitting together in person to share more.


Food Pak ministry is the primary focus of Rethink Mercy, the church training curriculum of Children's Hunger Fund. Through Rethink Mercy Equipping, we train a network of local churches in biblical foundations and practical planning for mercy ministry.
After training, Children’s Hunger Fund provides 20 lb. boxes of non-perishable food, called Food Paks, to these churches at no cost. A team from the church takes a Food Pak and delivers it into the home of a needy family in the community.
This team will visit the family 8-12 times over the course of a few months, which opens the door for further ministry opportunities, relationship development, and gospel witness.

On our last trip we launched a new Mercy Network with Kabwata Baptist Church in Zambia. KBC has planted a number of churches in difficult areas around Lusaka. With God's help we trained 40 of their network's pastors and ministry workers and launched Food Pak ministry with 4 church plants. In this video Pastor German, and members of his church, delivered the first -of what we pray will be many Food Pak's to Sarah's home in the community of John Laing. In the video Sarah eagerly receives the Pastor's gift and immediately cooks a small meal from it -feeding her family and a number of children from her community.